Blog #7

Typefaces can convey emotions that are connected to the message in the text. This can help emphasize a point or theme. These fonts used in these brands of candy show that they are fun and tasty.

Candy             font-abuse-for-blog

 However, if a typeface is used incorrectly, can be detrimental to the meaning of the message, or just look strange, like this welcome sign. Because of this, some people feel strongly about preventing the misuse of typefaces. Movements such as “ban comic sans” have stated their opinion about inappropriate fonts with websites and products.



  1. 1
    nibar Says:

    I agree with your thoughts however, the Welcome sign picture did not show up. Th candy examples is good because the bright “happy” font conveys the product well.

  2. 2
    latibulater Says:

    i really dislike that come in sign too, all I can look at is the stupid E’s. good call.

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