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An opinion you could hear about blogs is that they can be a tool to help reflect ideas, organize information, and communicate to others. In my opinion, this is a crock. While I think blogs can be a good way to document travels and interesting happenings, in most cases they are created by hopeless lowlifes that are under the delusion that people care about the minutia of their lives. “Bloggers” may argue that posting information is a good way to keep family and friends in touch. In response, I have one word: email. I would like to stress that I am not a hypocrite, as posting in a blog is a requirement in a class that I am enrolled in.



  1. 1
    latibulater Says:

    jandro. you are ridiculous, how do you come up with such ridiculous ideas.

    i agree fully though.

    allright, goodluck in ezine.

  2. 2
    nibar Says:

    Since you are forced to do a blog you are still a hypocrite. For doing the blog. if you do not like blogging then why do you list reasons why they are good to communicate, reflect, and organize?

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